Hongqiao Clinic缔虹口腔门诊部
Wuzhong Road #1799, The Mixc Mall, Office Building A,
UG 05-07, Room 201, Minhang District
line #10, Ziteng Road, the station is directly under the
building. Take exit #2 and first go left in direction of "office",
go up with the escalators to the UG (Upper Ground)
business unit, when you reach Starbucks, cross the hall
on the right, pass the reception, at the wall in the back
you will see our sign
Tel: 021-61202665, 021-61202667
Fax: 021-61049960
Mail: hongqiao@ddsdentalcare.com
Opening hours: 9:30 - 18:00, closed on Mondays